Geopark Odsherred


Geopark Odsherred is in the night as the first in Denmark was recorded as an internationally recognized geopark in the Global Geoparks Network at the 6th international UNESCO geoparkkonference in Canada.

Global Geoparks Network, GGN, consists of some 100 geoparks in 30 countries worldwide, and Odsherred are hereby together with, inter alia, Harz in Germany, the area around the Icelandic volcano Katla and the Shetland Islands in the North Atlantic.

The inclusion in the network, which has received wide attention from UNESCO at both national and international level, has been several years in the making and comes after Odsherred City Council's application for admission in November 2013 an evaluation visit in June 2014 and the European geopark network, EGN (European Geoparks Network, ed.) recommendation of Odsherred to the global network.

- It is a very great and joyful event and a wonderful and important international recognition of our regional special glacial landscape, says Odsherreds Mayor Thomas Adelskov from Saint John in the province of New Brunswick in eastern Canada, where the four-day international conference held.

- The recording is also an international recognition that the collection of themes that Geopark in Odsherred founded, namely the landscape, cultural history, art and local produce, is unique, and is a confirmation of the themes that we must convey Geopark through . We are pleased and proud to have become Denmark's first geopark and will work to ensure that the acceptance and recognition becomes the way for further growth and new jobs in our province and will increase knowledge of and interest in Odsherred, says Thomas Adelskov.

- There is also no doubt that the geopark concept, which admittedly is quite new in Denmark, but has several years behind in European and global context, will have communicated science in relation to both the municipality's own pupils, where we already have in full swing through the project Geokids, and on higher education, said Mayor Thomas Adelskov. He participates in the conference in Canada with project owner and director of tourism Hans-Jørgen Olsen, VisitOdsherred, from next year, will house Geopark Odsherred as an independent fund formation, PhD student Paya Hauch Fenger, Project Nina Lemkow, geologist Jacob Walløe Hansen, Professor Henrik Vejre from the University of Copenhagen Department of Earth Science and Nature Management and Secretary Thure Jorgensen, Odsherred Municipality.

The latter says that it has been interesting and exciting days with inspiring presentations from representatives of the until now 100 geoparks in 30 countries.

More than 450 delegates from 30 countries participating in network conference, which takes place the framework of UNESCO every two years. New candidates beyond Odsherred from Denmark were China, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal and Estonia.

The purpose of the conference include experience and knowledge exchange, and all participants are obligated to participate and make presentations in this knowledge network, either directly plenary presentations or through the establishment of communication stands, like the network meeting offers a series of workshops. A recording will also eventually mean that Denmark and concrete Odsherred must be prepared at some point to house the global network of representatives from geopark